Published June 30, 2022 by Matt Moore

AGM Announced

The district executive committee would like to announce that our annual AGM will be held at Laughterton Campsite on 23rd July.

The Gainsborough District Scout Campsite in Laughterton.

The AGM will commence at 6pm. Refreshments will be available from 7pm onwards.

We have made the decision to offer camping free of charge on the 23rd July for anyone attending the AGM. There will be access to the kitchen but we expect anyone who uses this to clean up after themselves.

All campers present will be responsible for cleaning the toilets before departure. All rubbish must be taken home.

The District will be cooking a BBQ and there will be no charge for food. There will also be limited soft drinks available free of charge. Anyone who wishes to bring their own alcohol may do so, but only for consumption once the official AGM finishes at 7pm.

Volunteer for the committee

Use this form to enquire about volunteering for the committee. Your details will be sent to the district commissioner who will contact you directly.